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Suseonjae is a international meditation school that leads you to the path of true Enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something so difficult. Clearly knowing who you are, how you have to live your life and where you will go when you pass away after being born as a human being is Enlightenment, and the true path of Enlightenment is to live a free, beautiful and fruitful life.

The way to Enlightenment suggested by Suseonjae is Seongye Practice.
Suseonjae's members are trying to make their surroundings pure, bright and warm by cultivating themselves through Seongye Practice. To put these things into concrete actions, they have set and practicing 11 health guidelines and 18 precepts. In addition, we are promoting a vegetarian diet and the movement towards an eco-community.

We are pure, bright and warm meditators who have a blue print for the future. As we believe the world is going through a change from the old mankind to the New Mankind, we offer a bridge for the crossing.

We believe the Earth is in danger and at a critical crossroads.
It's important that we make efforts every day to save the environment and change ourselves; then we can perhaps reduce the natural disasters on the planet. But it's hard to do these by ourselves. We need community, we need education, we need meditation, we need self-healing and we need breathing.

We are overloaded with information and knowledge and we have become numb to the suffering of the Earth around us and we have forgotten who we are, where we came from, where we are going and how to love ourselves.
For this reason, we opened Seon Culture Experience Center around the world so people could experience for themselves directly, and for this reason we opened the Seon Culture Promotion and Education Center to awaken the consciousness and build networks in society to help others awaken.