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Stress from Practice

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It seems that you have a lot of stress about practice, and I thought about why this is. When you look back on your school days, the students who did all their homework well and studied well didn't get stressed while those who didn't so were stressed a lot. If you go to bed without your homework done, you feel as if you are not sleeping at all and stay half-awake, don't you? The trainees seem to be in a similar situation. If you practice steadily, that will solve the problem. Why are you so stressed because of not practicing regularly? Don't get stressed, but practice steadily.

Enjoy your practice and don't get stressed. Actually, it is fun receiving and following the flow of universe energy. You won't take an examination after practicing. It is not about using your brain. Those who don't study well can do even better, and actually they are doing better.

Practicing consistently at the regular time every day will do, and don't become unnecessarily stressed. Particularly, do not practice in such a way that after not practicing for a couple of months you suddenly become motivated to practice for ten hours a day. Your body cannot endure that.

When you start eating after fasting, you have to proceed step by step: drink water first and juice, then porridge. However, if you begin to eat whole foods all of sudden, your body can't handle them.

Likewise, the knack of practice is to do it consistently. Practice in such a way that you do ten minutes today, 20 minutes tomorrow, and 30 minutes the day after tomorrow, but don't make it a matter of life or death. That is the knack.

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