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Through our umbrella campaign “ I’m Thankful for the Earth ” , we at Suseonjae are

engaged in various activities  and would love to meet like minded people,  who also believe that human beings should be the caretakers of the Earth and we would like

 to help others to recognize that that the farmers who work the land, do not make

 the vegetables or fruit themselves, they merely assist them to grow; and that the

 water which nature provides for free, is only channeled by a company into their

 homes; and that the building materials for their homes were gathered from the soil

 under our feet -the builders merely assembled them.

Through our various campaigns, we would  like to awaken people about these things by letting them have the experience of touching the soil – growing something

 themselves, building an eco-friendly natural house or even just walking in nature.

We welcome any support in terms of financial donations, networking or donated

advertising to get our message “I’m Thankful for the Earth” out into the world.

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Echo toilet in the house

조회 수 18762 추천 수 0 2011.07.22 15:25:52


We are using an echo toilet in the house house, which is a wonderful little thing. It is just a wooden box with a bucket inside, each loo comes with four buckets.


One is for the sawdust which you throw in afyer the toilet, one is in use and the other two  is waiting to be filled up. Once full, cover the lid tightly and then wait till other to fill, once they are all full, you throe them over the compost heap and cover with hay.


This is a fantastic way of all kitchen waste and garden waste efficiently. We've put a rolled up pipe inside the compost heap and once the heap heats up it will warm the water enough for a lovey shower. building a humanure compost heap.JPG


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