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4 Day Work Shop


Danjeon breathing workshop 2013 at Forintoshaza.jpg



Instructor: Hedi Hovach

Location: Centre (Forintoshaza)


During a 4 day workshop, participants were introduced to the concept and the practice of Danjeon-

breathing in the South-West of Hungary, in Forintoshaza.


 Lunchtime at the Danjeon Breathing workshop.jpg


Before each “training” session the group took a 15 minute walk, barefoot, connecting with the

energy of the Earth and things around them, at the same time being conscious of their center point, their “danjeon”.


Walking barefoot before each class to connect with the energy of the Earth.jpg


Practicing the 5 element exercises was one of their favorite part of the workshop. They loved the exercise so the exercise class was extended.


Danjeon breathing course in June 2013,1.jpg


Everyone loved the calming and energizing movements of the "Seon dance" practice.


Seon dance at the breathing workshop 2013.jpg


Then a Tasty vegetarian menu was served daily to assist in the “emptying” process for learning danjeon

breathing successfully.


Everyone left feeling more pure, more bright and warm… :)

But more importantly their breathing has greatly changed.


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