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(ES) Seongye way to enlightenment now in Spanish

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Hello Everyone 

Hello Spain!

I have great news! the book "Seongye way to enlightenment" can now be found in Spanish  "El Camino Seon hacia la Iluminación".

It is not easy to translate Suroso Mun's books because a lot of the contents has such deep meanings, small changes can make such a big difference in those meanings. This is due to the limitation languages have. However thanks to an old trainee Yoli Sosa, who was born and currently lives in Spain, has translated the book beautifully. I hope that you will get the chance to meet her some day. 

I hope that this beautiful book finds you well. If there are any questions please do not be hesitant to ask.

Please keep well everyone and continue smiling. :) Everything is found in elegant happiness ~

You can buy it here in amazon: 

~Storm Schutte

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